The potential of waste

Fungi enable us to turn agricultural waste into useful materials for the built environment. Fungalogic explores different methods to do so. We research home-grown material for structural use, and waste streams from fungi-farmers for insulation. In both cases, the dried fungi network (mycelium) serves as a bio-based composite – a natural glue, strongly holding all fibrous material together.

The majority of our work consists out of studying and optimizing the properties of our material. Properties such as thermal and sound insulation, fire behavior and strength. Our own tests show that our fungi-based material is naturally fire retardant. This is because chitin polymers of the fungi’s mycelium form a fireproof coating on our fibrous waste. We are in the process of certification for multiple uses, our insulation is already certified for interior wall panels.

By researching both in-house production and already available streams of fungi waste, we know how to manage complex biological processes while also providing an economical mass product. We are ready to scale up to a more automated drying and production process.

We produce 100% natural insulation

No glue

The mycelium in our material acts as a natural composite, firmly holding together all fibers without a drop of glue

No fire retardant

Chitin produced by fungi is a natural flame retardant

High insulation value

Up to 50% better insulation value than straw insulation